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Meet the Authors

We are two career women and mothers. Between diaper changes and meetings, we read to our peanuts. 

Danielle Giusto Maqsood

The fun stuff: Danielle is a mother to Amira, Eli, and Zaria. She is also a singer and an actress. Danielle's smart, faithful, and loving working mother Teresa was a math teacher for 28 years.

The boring stuff: Danielle attended American University for college and Pace University for graduate school, where she received her Masters Degree in Teaching. She has been dedicated to educating children in various capacities as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, and working in Ed Tech.

Jina Giusto

The fun stuff: Jina is a mother to Evelyn and Dominick. She was raised to be a strong, independent woman by her working mother Yong, who is the strongest, bravest, most loving person she knows.

The boring stuff: Jina attended Stanford University for college, worked in non-profit and management consulting, then attended Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) for her MD. She is now a pediatrician in Virginia.

Meet the Illustrator

Aniruddha Lele

The fun stuff: Aniruddha (pronounced "uh-knee-rood") is not a mother (he has a Y chromosome that the other two do not have). But his mom is pretty awesome and is an artist and sculptor.

The boring stuff: Aniruddha received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Goa College of Art. He has worked as an illustrator for WonderThought and as a concept artist for SLK Software / BigBlock LA.

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