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Women Are Lit is in the news!

Cancer Warrior donates 400 copies of "My Mommy is a Cancer Warrior" to hospitals with proceeds from Minnesota school's "Penny Wars"

The Student Council at Tracy Area Elementary School runs an annual "Penny Wars" fundraiser in which classrooms compete to bring in the most money for valued causes. In 2023-24, the school raised nearly $1,800 for a mother in the community who was undergoing cancer treatment. Meet cancer warrior and all-around she-ro, Amy Munson, who chose to use the money to donate copies of Women Are Lit's "My Mommy is a Cancer Warrior" to hospitals. Discouraged by the experience she had with the materials given to her to talk to her kids about having cancer, Munson wanted cancer-warrior-mommies to have a better experience. In partnership with Women Are Lit, Munson distributed 400 copies of the children's book to Minnesota hospitals.

Mommy's in a Meeting co-author, Danielle Giusto Maqsood
Hometown Author

On page 16, Newsday celebrates the release of Women Are Lit's "Mommy's in a Meeting," recognizing local Levittown-based co-author, Danielle Giusto Maqsood.

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